Meet Janna Appelstein

In a way, Janna Appelstein, creator and founder of Eye of Ja, was born to create Eye of Ja.

From a very early age, Janna proved adept at expressing herself, whether is was through dance, choreography, writing, or fashion. A young professional, Janna performed as Clara in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular when she was 12, and  although she excelled as a dancer, she knew that the creative process behind the dance, as well as the costuming, is what truly most inspired her.

In jewelry-making, Janna finds the most fulfillment in the process that allows her to channel many areas of her creative abilities to "make art".  Completely self-taught, Janna's approach to jewelry design is organic and experimental and in this way, she feels she can offer a new perspective in the accessories space.

 Photo: Janna Appelstein, Founder of Eye of Ja LLC and Photographer: Alex Brooks 2015

Photo: Janna Appelstein, Founder of Eye of Ja LLC and Photographer: Alex Brooks 2015

Janna owns a U.S patent for her 'Handlet' design, a universally fitting bracelet with interchangeable features that wraps around the finger. She is constantly exploring new ways to connect chain and to adorn the body. An 'eye' for simplicity and editing, Janna has the unique ability to walk the line of edgy and avant-garde in an artful way that makes her work impossibly wearable and transformative for so many different women in virtually every age group. "My pieces are inspired by movement and proportion; and I aim to capture something intrinsically timeless because of how a piece can make you feel", she says.

Be Seen

The greatest joy thus far has been to witness a woman physically change when they have a piece of my jewelry on. When she looks in the mirror, I can see something ignite in her, like she is reconnecting with or awakened to this empowering feeling of confidence. It’s incredibly powerful, and I can’t help but feel it; it’s the same feeling I experience when I made it and put it on myself.
— JA

Artwork by Janna Appelstein